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Dale V. Atkins, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist who has more than twenty-five years of experience as a relationship expert, focusing on families, couples, parenting, aging well, managing stress and maintaining balance in one's life. Dr. Atkins consults domestically and internationally. She conducts seminars and retreats for executives and employees of major corporations, government agencies, and health and educational institutions in matters related to the fields of psychology, sociology, education, and communication. An author of several books, articles and journals for popular and professional audiences, Dr. Atkins is a much sought after lecturer and keynote speaker as well as a recurrent guest expert in the media. She frequently appears on NBC-TV's "The Today Show" and CNN's Headline News (HLN). Additionally, she serves on the Boards of several non-profit local and national organizations whose foci are literacy, tolerance, wellness, child protection, and community action. Dr. Atkins has a private practice in New York City.

Dr. Atkins speaks about a broad range of topics; scroll down to view them.
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Among Dale's TV appearances are the following:

• Today, NBC
• Today Weekend Edition, NBC
• Dateline, NBC
• CNN News
• CNN Headline News
• Fox News
• Good Morning America, ABC
• Inside Edition
• Inside The Newsroom, ABC News Now
• Top Priority, ABC News Now
• Court TV
• Crossing Over with John Edward
• The Oprah Winfrey Show
• Montel
• Donahue
• Dr. Dale’s Life Issues, Creator, Host, Associate Producer, Jewish Television Network, Los Angeles. A ½ hour talk show, aired weekly on PBS. View video samples at under "Lifestyles" section.

Print Media

A sample of the publications in which Dale has been quoted, has been the subject of, or has written articles in are:

• Cosmopolitan
• The Bottom Line
• Mademoiselle
• Redbook
• Self
• Today's Bride
• Modern Bride
• Modern Woman
• Good Housekeeping
• AARP: The Magazine
• American Health
• Fairfield County Woman
• Greenwich Magazine
• Hadassah
• Kathleen
• Ladies Home Journal
• Martha Stewart Weddings
• New Woman
• Parenting
• Parents
• Real Simple
• Reform Judaism
• The Hampton Sheet
• Volta Voices
• Weight Watchers
• Westport Magazine
• Women's Health
• Working Mother
• Various National and Regional Newspapers


Worldwide, people at various stages of life, attend Dr. Dale Atkins’ seminars, workshops and symposia about a variety of life issues, particularly concerning families, change and Wellness. Dr. Atkins’ sensible, pragmatic approach appeals to people of all ages. She created the popular series Sanity Savers for a Balanced Life.
Some of these programs are:
Child Development and Parenting
• Now There are Three: the Effects of a New Baby on a Marriage
• Parenting and Marriage: the Ultimate Balancing Act
• Relaxed Parenting: the Thinking and Feeling Person's Guide
• Tips for Setting Limits
• Prevention of Abuse and Molestation
• Teenage Sexuality
• Confronting Prejudice
• Addressing Bullying
• Discovering Your Child is Gay
• Family Stress and Conflict Management: Parents, Anger and Kids
• Being an Older Parent
• Fathers and Sons/Mothers and Daughters
• Raising Sons/Raising Daughters
• How to Talk with Your Children about ANYTHING
• Specific Childhood Development Issues
• Social Development of Children and Youth
• School, Self Esteem and Success
• Pop Culture: Britney, Barbie and Your Daughter
• Raising Charitable Children
• Parenting Lesbian, Gay, or Transgender Children
• Issues for Gay/Lesbian Parents

Children With Extra Needs
• Mainstreaming challenges
• Siblings of Children Who Have Extra Needs
• Sustaining your Marriage While Raising a Child Who Has Extra Needs
• Parents and Professionals in Partnership
• Keeping Relationships Healthy While Raising a Child Who is Different
• The Ups and Downs of Raising a Child Who Has Special Needs
• Socialization of Children Who Have Hearing Losses
• Cochlear Implants: What to Expect
• Grandparenting Well When Your Grandchild has a Disability

• Finding Mr. (Ms.) Right
• Talks About Intimate Life Issues
• Fears of Marriage
• You, Me and Now We: Becoming a Couple
• Expectations for Marriage: Keeping Them in Check
• Pre-Marital Stress Busters
• Planning a Wedding While Staying Both Connected AND Sane

• You, me and now us: The newly wed game
• Newlyweds: Keeping Stress in Check
• The Many Ways to Be Married
• Keeping Balance in Your Marriage and Your Life
• Marriage: the Highs and Lows
• Being an Older Bride
• Marrying Someone Who Has Children
• Keeping In-laws from Becoming Out-laws (Before, During, and After the Wedding)
• Interfaith Marriage (Dealing with Differences, Real and Imagined)
• Gay/Lesbian Marriages or Unions

Marriage (con't.)
• Two Career Couples
• Downsizing and Marriage
• Fighting Fair: How to Agree to Disagree
• Keeping Romance Alive
• How to Change Yourself When You Want to Change Your Spouse
• Learning to Love Your Spouse the Way He or She Wants to Be Loved
• Power and Control in Marriage
• Money and Marriage
• Aging Well with Your Spouse: Secrets of Long, Healthy Marriages

Mid Life
• Life's Transitions: A Wellness Survival Guide
• Inter-generational Communication
• The Club Sandwich Generation: Caring for Your Spouse, Children, Parents AND Yourself
• Caring for an Aging Parent
• Living with Alzheimer's
• Adult Sibling Relationships: Am I My Brother / Sister's Keeper
• Are We Our Mothers?
• Women, Work and Motherhood
• Career Transitions (2nd, 3rd Careers)
• Adult Children Moving Home
• Financial Planning Inter-generationally
• Grandparenting (From Near and Far)
• Aging Well with Grace and Style

Watershed Events & Life Crises
• Relaxation and Meditation Techniques for the Tough Times
• Family Stress and Conflict Management
• Births
• Marriage and Remarriage
• Health Crises
• Death of a Loved One
• Domestic Violence
• Addiction: Your Own or a Family Member
• Estrangement in Families
• Divorce
• Divorce and Keeping the Kids Whole
• Parental Alienation
• Dating After Divorce
• Combining Families: Ideas for Stepfamilies
• Living through Cancer
• Surviving in a Family Business
• What to Say When Someone is Ill
• Living with Chronic Illness: Your Own or Your Spouse
• Life After Layoff
• Death and Dying

• Living a Healthy Life (No Matter What Else You Are Doing)
• Relationships (Keeping Them Healthy)
• Friendships, The Therapeutic Value
• Talking So People Will Listen
• Stress Management
• Stressbusting: Appreciating Each Moment
• Meditation and Relaxation for Everyday Life

Professional Experience

1986-present Licensed Psychologist, New York, NY
Family, marital, and individual counseling
2005-present "Sanity Savers and More"
Monthly e-newsletter
2001-present Recurring Guest Expert
NBC's The Today Show and other media outlets.
1986-present "Sanity Savers by Dr. Dale Atkins" Advice Columnist,
Weekly and monthly advice columns online, for brides, grooms and their families
1999-present Lecturer, Panel Moderator 92nd Street "Y", NY, NY
Getting Older with Grace and Style; Dr. Dale's Life Issues
1997-1999 Television Talk Show Host, Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Dale’s Life Issues (a series of 48 half-hour shows produced by the Jewish Television Network for PBS), aired nationally and weekly
1980-present Communication Consultant, New York, NY
Seminars; lectures; professional training; health, wellness, and education programs for corporations, educational institutions, hospitals, and community agencies
1986-1989 Project Facilitator, Lexington Center, Queens, NY
Co-author and trainer for child abuse and disabled children project
1982-1986 Adjunct Assistant Professor, USC/John Tracy Clinic, Los Angeles, CA
Family counseling; parent education; graduate student training
1982-1986 Visiting Lecturer, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
Speech/Communication studies
1983-1985 Visiting Lecturer, University of Judaism, Los Angeles, CA
Relationships/Family communication
1982 Doctorate of Philosophy, Educational Psychology, University of California at Los Angeles
1971 Master of Arts, Special Education (Deafness), Columbia University
1969 Bachelor of Science, Social Studies, New York University

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