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Tips: School Days Are Here Again (For YOU and Not the Kids)
Dr. Dale V. Atkins, September 2006

It’s time to hit the books. Whether you are returning to school because of life circumstances such as job loss, illness, shift in family responsibility, divorce, retirement or were never able to enter or finish college or a job training program, studying may be a bit more challenging than when you were younger.

With many new fields emerging, there’s good reason to change or start a different career. Enrolling in classes now can not only prepare you for a new field, it can increase your self confidence and help sharpen your mind.

Revisit and Restructure . . . your impressions of yourself as the student you “used to be.” You are not doomed or programmed to keep the same assessment of yourself as a student based on how you did when you were younger.

Re-think and Re-phrase . . . your own or other people’s comments about the type of student you were in elementary, junior high, high school and college because that no longer applies and it certainly does not predict how you will do this time around.

Reassess . . . your vision of yourself. See yourself as a student. Appreciate that you are open to learning and are motivated to enter a new field. Or just learn for the sake of learning.

Reengage . . . and enjoy the fact that you can engage in intergenerational dialogue about topics of mutual interest and that will surely contribute to keeping you young and vital. Take the fact that you will be older than your professors and most of the other students and see the humor in it. Be a role model.

Engage in learning at any age in any way accessible to you.

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