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Tips: Run for a Cause
Dr. Dale V. Atkins, October 2006

You may have a friend who is battling Breast Cancer. Or maybe your mom has Parkinson’s. Someone in your office has just been diagnosed with Muscular Sclerosis. And your neighbor’s son needs a kidney transplant.

It seems as if wherever you turn or whomever you talk to, somebody is dealing with some major health issue and there is just not enough money or awareness to deal with it. Raising the consciousness of a community takes time, energy and stamina.

Keep your sanity while you support your friends when they need to feel most as if they are part of a community of caring folks.

Do It - Raise money in honor of your friend by running, walking or bike riding and make donations to a particular organization or toward the payment for a specific medical procedure. After the event, keep donors posted on how you did and how much money you raised.

Do It with Family and Friends - Enlist friends to be a part of the effort. If kids can’t walk or run, push, pull, or stroller them. Spread the good feeling and educate as many people as you can to the importance of prevention, health, research, treatment, and awareness as well as “giving back”.

Do It Again - After the event, document what the experience meant to you and commit to participating again in events for causes that touch your soul.

There are many ways to participate in helping those you care about deal with their health challenges. Find the way that works for you and Do It!

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