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Tips: Doing Too Much and Not Relaxing
Dr. Dale V. Atkins, March 2007

When you have a really busy week with lots of things planned, even if they are fun things, you may get stressed just because there is a lot going on. Even though you are aware of your stress you cannot sit still and relax. Basically you are always doing something because if you aren’t doing something, you feel as if you are wasting time. It is kind of a "Catch 22".

Keeping your sanity while keeping yourself in check takes practice and a change of attitude about what "busy" means.

• Revisit and Rethink What Busy Means - Does busy mean worthwhile? If you are not busy does it mean you are lazy, not contributing, not making a difference? Only you can change your perception of what busy means. Everyone, even the busiest of people, needs to kick back, relax, and renew in order to restore their life’s balance.

• Plan Fewer Things - Just do things as you feel like doing them or don’t do anything at all.

• If the Spirit Moves You - Participate in activities because you want to and not because you have a list of things to do in your calendar.

• Allow "Holes" in Your Calendar - Deal with any anxious feeling from empty time in your schedule by breathing deeply. Tell yourself those are your health pockets of time to restore. You feel stressed when your calendar is full. Try to de-stress as you attempt to empty it a bit.

Busy does not equal worthwhile.

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