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Tips: Take a Risk: Try Something New
Dr. Dale V. Atkins, April 2007

Like Traveling on Your Own

One of the most important things each of us can do is to try something that challenges us to move to the edge of our personal comfort zone. Growth is about change. By becoming aware of what makes us afraid or uneasy, we can explore ways to move through fear. We become more open to experiences, thus discovering aspects of ourselves that we did not know existed. Even trying something once that we previously feared can help create feelings of confidence and accomplishment. Traveling on your own is one way you can discover places in the world and in your self.

Give yourself the chance to reach, stretch, stimulate, grow, experience and learn things about yourself and the world around you.

Before You Leave, Do Your Research - Read stories, books and journals by and about men and women how have traveled on their own. Spend time in the travel section of your bookstore.

Enroll in a Class - Study language, art architecture, or regional cooking. Brush up on your high school French (or whatever) by downloading conversational classes to your Ipod.

Stay in Smaller Hotels - At B and B's or hostels you are likely to meet other folks traveling on their own.

Meet Other Travelers - Join a walking tour of a city, a docent guided tour of a museum, or join a group for guided day trip to a particular historic site. Take public transportation. Check out the local synagogue, church or temple service to connect with others.

Dine at Local Cafes - Informal and welcoming atmospheres encouarge chats with the wait staff. Appear open and friendly to other customers. Invite a guest at your hotel to join you for a bite to eat and compare notes about your travels. If you prefer to dine alone, bring a travel-related book or journal.

Stretch Yourself and Your Comfort Zone.

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