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Tips: Keeping a Positive Attitude
Dr. Dale V. Atkins, May 2007

Focus on What Makes You Feel Resilient

When you are presented with challenges, it is easy to become overwhelmed and despondent. Be honest with your feelings, but concentrate your efforts toward maintaining a positive attitude.

Some tips to consider:

Take One Day at a Time - Don't waste energy worrying about something that may occur in the future. Focus on immediate issues and approach each day positively.

Find and Follow Positive Mentors - Regularly interact with people who can share their experiences, advice, and support. Support groups can be wonderful resources for contacts and information to help you widen your circle of mentors and friends.

Trust Yourself and Your Inner Voice - Answer only to your conscience, and do the best that you can do at the time. By listening to your inner voice, you can get to know yourself in ways you never did before.

Look at What You Have Accomplished - Rather than focusing too much on what needs to be done, take some time to consider what you have already done. Be kind to yourself and feel good about your accomplishments.

Keep and Use a Sense of Humor - Be with people who make you feel good and don't take yourself to seriously. Remember, cracking up with laughter is better than cracking under the stress.

Accept that change and growth are part of this process.

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