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Tips: Tips for a Happy Marriage or Relationship
Dr. Dale V. Atkins, August 2007

Keeping the Spark

Falling in love is great. Having a great relationship is wonderful. Over time, though, it can become easy to take your relationship for granted. It is normal for healthy relationships and marriages to go through phases, and we all need to be aware that we have the power to make them better. When "life gets in the way" and time pressures and stress from work, family obligations, and money get the better of us, couples lose sight of the "we" and focus only on the "I." Here are some Sanity Savers to keep you focused on the "we" from the get-go.

Commit Yourself - Commit yourself to this person and believe you will build a life and a future together. Give a whole lot more than 60% to the other person and to the relationship every day.

Respect Your Mate - Demonstrate respect through your words, actions, thoughts and non-verbal communication. Be willing to see his or her point of view.

Take Responsibility for Yourself - Nobody is perfect, not even you. Hold yourself accountable for your own stuff...the positive and the negative.

Spend Quality Time Together - Take a class, work together for a cause, or do something enojoyable that encourages growth for both of you.

Create a Refuge for the Two of You - Create a nurturing, safe and honest space where you can be comfortable talking about anything.

Savor Each Moment - There are no perfect people, but there are perfect moments. String them together as best as you can.

Laugh as Much as You Can - ...Together and on your own. Having a sense of humor is a common ingredient to all good relationships.

Caring for your relationship takes energy and focus, but the rewards are worth the effort.

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