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Tips: Balance Your Schedule: Organize and Simplify
Dr. Dale V. Atkins, January 2008

Do you find that you have too much to do and are out of balance? Do you equate "busy" with "worthwhile"? There is such a thing as finding equilibrium in your schedule, and you can find it by organizing and simplifying. Maintain your sanity by following these tips:

Simplify "To Do" Lists - Break lists into small, manageable segments. Then appreciate that which you have done. Keep a timeline for what follows, and note choices that reflect your priorities. Be careful not to value only those activities that end in results. Stay out of the line of fire of other people's judgments regarding what you do and don't do in a day; the way you parcel your time and your energy.

Plan Fewer Things - Figure out what is a productive use of your time and what isn't. Let go of the unproductive activities. Try to spend time with what you enjoy, and with people you like, engaged in life in a meaningful way. At different times of your life you may not be able to do all of what you want to do. Understand this is temporary. You can pick up what you put down for now.

Consciously Integrate Your "Lives" - When it is healthy for you, integrate your work and your professional lives. When you are on a business trip, take time to visit an art museum or take in a play. When you are with other parents, talk about the world, politics or a volunteer project.

Cure Yourself of the Hurry Sickness - Give yourself time to play and enjoy the walk or ride to work, to pick up the kids, or to meet your mother. Be aware and appreciate the process.

Focus on each moment, and be sure to laugh as often as you can.

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