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Getting Through Each Day: Tips For Having A Bit Less Stress And A Lot More Enjoyment
Dr. Dale V. Atkins, October 2008

Life is a series of events, all of which are potential opportunities for learning. It can be easy to focus on the negative, making it more difficult to cope. Although you can't just will yourself into a different emotional state, you can begin with changing your interpretation of events. This is a deliberate shift in thinking that can enable you to learn new ways to manage your response.

How? Focus on the positive of every situation and understand that no time is wasted if you integrate the experience into your life and learn from it.

Following are some tips to incorporate into your day:

Adapt - Adjust to physical changes with an attitude of CAN DO rather than that which I can no longer do.

Appreciate - Pay attention to at least three things for which you are grateful, and focus on them (write them down each day). You can develop an attitude based on gratitude.

Enlighten - Learn something new every day that will enter your "memory bank".

Connect - Reach out to and accept overtures from people you care about. Connecting with friends can boost your immune system and help keep you well.

Express - Actively demonstrate affection to the people in your life. Sincerely articulate one or two specific attributes or characteristics or actions that you appreciate about the people in your life and do what you can to make sure they "hear" you and "take it in".

Laugh - Laugh every day and allow that feeling to linger.

Keep perspective and appreciate that whatever you are dealing with is TEMPORARY.

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