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Life: Tips For Celebrating Life
Dr. Dale V. Atkins, June 2010

Spring is moving into summer and for many that means an opportunity to celebrate the joys of life by visiting loved ones, relaxing on holiday, cutting back a stressful schedule and taking some moments to "smell the roses." So why is it so difficult for many of us to sit quietly, relax, and just be? Unless we are busy, moving, and engaged in a "project" we do not feel worthwhile.

When we think about celebrating life we can become conscious of appreciating that which we have in our lives. We can do this by making an effort to be aware of:

The Health We Have - instead of the illness that is draining or diminishing.

The Relationships That Are Solid and Pleasurable - rather than those that fill us with distress and disappointment.

The Abilities We Have and That Serve Us Well - instead of areas that are failing.

The Joy That Comes From Laughter - so that we can laugh heartily and often.

Being Present and in Each Moment - to keep a handle on tendencies to worry about the past or future.

Allowing Your Senses To Guide You, Uncritically, Into Heightened Awareness - instead of denying or judging that which you see, hear, smell, taste, and feel.

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