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Tips: Changing an Annoying Behavior
Dr. Dale V. Atkins, May 2011

Some of us have "annoying" (and at times, self destructive) behaviors that we practice, most often, without thinking much about them. Sometimes our behavior becomes part of our self definition. We say, "I am a nail biter."

By becoming more conscious of the habit and replacing the destructive act with a constructive act we can make a tremendous difference while creating healthy change.

Here are some tips to consider, using nail biting as an example:

First, Breathe Deeply - As soon as you are about to put your fingers into your mouth, stop, then breathe deeply and look at them.

Visualize - Visualize how lovely your nails will look manicured. Hold one hand with the other and really "see" them looking healthier. Carry around hand cream and massage it into your fingernails whenever you can.

Refocus Your Thinking - When you are massaging your fingernails, redirect your thoughts and preconceived images about your hands. Proactively massage them, and begin to see them looking and feeling better.

Within a short period of time, you will begin to see change and you will feel proud of your ability to create that which you want.

Redirection: so simple yet effective! Think of other areas where you can apply this concept in your life.

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