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Tips: Keeping Your Life Interesting at Any Age
Dr. Dale V. Atkins, June 2011

What makes a person exciting and interesting at any age is what they know and how they share that information. People with exceptional IQs may be interesting, but a high I Q isn't enough to make someone an interesting person. Being well-rounded, comfortable and versatile with ideas and skills, active and interested in others, a good listener (not trying to "top this") loves what they are doing and enjoys and appreciates the moment, are among the positive qualities that interesting people share at any age. They are also enthusiastic about continuing their learning from other people, books, and the world in general, and they don't shy away from challenges.

Consider these tips:

Read A Lot.

Learn New Things.

Be A Positive Influence.

Cultivate Your Sense of Humor.

Be Interested.

Stay Present.

Being passionate about something, exploring new things, and taking risks contribute to putting light behind the eyes and a spring in the step, even if one's walk is at a slower pace. Be present. Be mindful. Be here during the time you are here, for this moment will never reappear.

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