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Tips: Living with Uncertainty and Anxiety in the World
Dr. Dale V. Atkins, July 2011

How much more can you take? One more newscast of bombing or terror raids or the flagging economy and you find yourself with sweaty palms and a fast heartbeat. Of course, you should see a doctor, who just might determine that your symptoms are from excessive worrying and being on edge all the time.

When your tolerance level is low and current events get you down, save your sanity and give yourself a boost by taking a break from the news. Learn to deal with stress in healthy ways.

Try the following tips:

Put Calm in your Day. - Every day, breathe deeply and find your calm. Ground yourself. Trust that you are secure and safe.

Control Only You. - Since you can't control the events in the world, focus on what is possible and think about how you can take control of certain aspects of your life. Stay connected to people and things of interest you to you - this is important for developing resistance in the face of new demands. Accept and adapt to change. Live your beliefs. Take time to meditate so you can see and experience the world differently.

Sweet Dreams. - Disturbing news is just that - disturbing. Stay clear of the news before bedtime.

Balance your Energy. - Consider whether the pace of your life is benefiting you in the long run. If you are busy, busy, busy, your anxiety and worry may be connected to a perceived inability to stop the rat race. Consider where you need to put or reduce your energy so that you can feel more relaxed.

Challenge Your Belief System. - It is possible for you to think about situations differently so they do not raise your level of anxiety or worry.

When dealing with the difficulties in the world, focus on that which helps you to feel hopeful and resilient. You will be better able to serve where you are needed while maintaining your well-being.

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