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Tips For Generating Good Things
Dr. Dale V. Atkins, April 2012

Generativity is all about generating good things. Generativity is giving birth and there are many ways to give birth; to people, projects, ideas; making music, art; starting a company, tutoring a child, creating a solution to a problem. Generativity is also about caring for things, people, and places with the next generation in mind.

As people enter their middle adult years and become more conscious of growing older, those who do so with consciousness, grace, style and purpose focus more on the growing and less on the old. They think about the life they lived and the legacy they leave and they come to appreciate "I am what survives me."

Leave a Part of Yourself Behind - Consider what your "footprint in the sand", your "mark on the world", your "message", your "legacy", will be; what it will say about you.

Accept That We Will Not Live Forever - We accept that we will not live forever (not in this lifetime, anyway) and we hope to have an impact for the future.

So take some time, reflect on where you are in the world and how your thoughts, feelings, and actions can have an impact on what comes after you.

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