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Tips For Rituals
Dr. Dale V. Atkins, November 2012

Recently, in the days following Hurricane Sandy and the follow-up snowstorm, Athena, when so many were without power, internet, cable, I was keenly aware of the distress so many people were experiencing. In this context I was reminded of the importance of performing rituals. Personal rituals can be significantly helpful when dealing with stressful times. When the storms of life come upon us (hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, health, family and job challenges all qualify) practicing established or new rituals can have an almost instant, salubrious effect. They can be essential for enhancing your own self care and can improve in your outlook.

Whether we perform an inner healing ritual, request a blessing, engage in a special tradition for a particular occasion, or do a simple, everyday task, rituals can be encouraging, reassuring, and comforting. Holding onto our routines and customs helps maintain our sanity and promotes balance in our life.

Performing a personal ritual can help us gain insight when we are dealing with change, and keep us grounded; reminding us of who we are, at our core, when "storms" attempt to knock us off our center.

Ways to enhance the meaning of ritual:

Keep It Simple.

Suspend judgment and allow yourself to "be."

Appreciate new insight that may come from the performance of the ritual.

Keep your heart "open" to deepen the meaning.

Stay focused.

Enjoy the process.

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