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Tips for Nurturing Ourselves as we Nurture Others
Dr. Dale V. Atkins, November 2013

As friends, we support people we care about with encouragement, empathy, and enthusiasm.

We remind our partners of their worth, their talent, their ability to take risks and achieve their goals.

As parents we help our children discover their strengths as we encourage them to develop interests, passions, and expertise in those areas.

As adult children of aging parents we focus on fostering independence and maintaining dignity as their abilities and confidence decline.

We nourish others.

How do we nourish ourselves? When we discover something that brings joy to our own lives, we can make a concerted effort to include it, make a space for it, revisit it, for no other reason than this: IT NURTURES US and this is reason enough. Our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health can be compromised when we neglect finding our own "nourishment."

Here are additional tips to consider:

We can give ourselves 15 minutes of undivided attention everyday.

We can allow ourselves permission to feel all our feelings without judgment of them.

We can declutter our personal space and create room for new energy.

We can be conscious of the harvest of our lives. As we think about ourselves, our relationships, and our work we can review the parts of our lives that are "bearing fruit."

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