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Tips for Mothering Those You Love, or Others Who Need Love
Dr. Dale V. Atkins, May 2014

Mother's Day is a celebration that is meant to honor mothers and rejoice motherhood, maternal bonds and the power of mothers in society. Whether or not our mothers were "loving" in ways we needed and whether or not they are with still with us, we can "mother" ourselves and others in meaningful ways.

This Mother's Day, consider the following tips:

Share Special Memories. - Reflect on the positive memories you have and share them with others. Set time aside to talk about family traditions and what you learned from your mother or other people who "mothered" you in your life.

Visit Another Mother. - You may feel lonely if you can't visit or call your own mother. Consider visiting a senior person in a nursing home or senior center who might not otherwise have any visitors on Mother's Day. Instead of feeling alone, use the day to bring joy to a mother whose children may not be able to be with her.

Donate Time. - Volunteer with a meaningful local organization. Serve meals at a local food pantry, or read to children through a hospital program. It is in these ways that we can reflect a mother's interests while having a chance to spend a day in service to others.

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