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November 2006


As the trees show their magnificent colors we are reminded just how much there is to learn from nature’s constant change and to pay attention to the magnificence of the many gifts that surround us.

My Sanity Saver Music Helps You Feel Young Again gives you helpful suggestions to tap into the music from a time in your life when you were relatively carefree. As you contemplate how to create and maintain balance in your life, consider creating a few moments each day just for yourself. To help achieve this, I offer some tips in Meditate to Ease Stress.

Everyday there are life challenges that require our sanity saving which is why I'm writing a new book called Sanity Savers: Tips for Women to Live a Balanced Life. You can pre-order it on line. Look for its release in February 2007.

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Wishing you health, peace and balance.


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    Download Excerpts to Your iPod!

    Excerpts of my new book SANITY SAVERS: Tips for Women to Live A Balanced Life will be featured on a downloadable audio Holiday Survival Guide put out by Avon, part of HarperCollins Publishers.

    Look for it sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas at the Digital Media Cafe on HarperCollins.com.

    Pre-order the book before its release date of February 20th!

    Sanity SaversTM
    Music Helps You Feel Young Again

    Sometimes when you feel “old” and unable to begin a task because there are just too many jobs waiting to be done, it is helpful to totally stop and “regroup.” You're overwhelmed and feel stressed which negatively impacts aging. You can break that cycle.

    Play music that brings you back to a time when you were “free and easy." That may be “MOTOWN,” “SWING”, “JAZZ” “ROCK AND ROLL”, or “COUNTRY WESTERN.”

    Remember, it is not how much stress you have but how you handle it that matters. Letting go of stress is easier if your stress busters are readily available. So keep your iPod nearby and give yourself a few moments to let the music “fill” you. See what happens.

    1. Music is Therapy- For many women in particular, hearing those melodies can bring you back to your basic, essential self. Dancing around the living room or kitchen, remembering a favorite dance partner can give you energy. Listening to music can even help with your health by lowering your blood pressure and heart rate, as well as improve your mood. Listen and play to keep yourself “in internal shape.” Let music evoke a time of freedom, ability and joy.
    2. Rhythm is Therapy - Sign up for drumming lessons, join a woman's drumming circle, or just buy a drum. Drumming can bring a feeling of relaxation almost immediately.
    3. Singing is Therapy - Music does not just have to be in the background. Focus on the sounds, the melodies, the words, and the rhythm. Sing along and feel the spark you felt when you were younger.

    Music is ageless.


    TODAY Show (NBC)
    Weekend Today
    2 Part Series: Other People's Business
    November 4th (7-9am) and 5th (8-9am)
    Dates and times of other upcoming segments will be posted on Dr. Dale's website.

    The Lisa Birnbach Radio Show
    Every other Wed., 9:20-10:00am
    Nov 1: Trust in Relationships, Your Job and in Yourself
    Nov 15 and 29: To be Announced
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    MAKOR/Steinhardt Center of the 92nd Street Y
    Self-Image: A Work in Progress
    Tuesday, Nov. 7th, 1:30-3:30pm
    35 West 67th Street, New York, NY

    Hear With Me: Utah AG Bell Conference
    Keynote Address: Keeping Your Balance
    Saturday, November 11th
    University of Utah, Provo, UT

    Long Distance Family Bonding
    5 Ways for Your Kids to Keep in Touch with the Ones They Love
    Dr. Dale quoted. >Read Article

    Sanity SaversTM
    A Good Daily Habit

    Plug into "calm" and recharge your batteries by meditating.

    Meditating is like brushing your teeth. You wouldn't risk tartar build up and dental decay so why risk stress build up and mental/emotional decay?

    Whether you find time in the morning, midday or as a relaxing ritual before you go to bed, meditate each day.

    Sanity SaversTM TIPS
    Meditate to Ease Stress

    Is life going too fast? Are decisions difficult to figure out? Do you have too many choices and feel overwhelmed? Is there a relationship that’s weighing on you? What is in your soul that’s longing to come out?

    We all need to be still to slow life down and sort through our lives. Meditation is a way to find that stillness and connect with a revitalizing source of energy. It can help foster tranquility, creativity, and renewal.

    Many people conjure up the image of gurus, crystals and incense. But, quieting the mind is available to anyone and can be effective and calming. Here’s how to do it:

    • Relax Your Mind - Focus on our breath. Empty your thoughts. When your mind wanders to what you have to do and what stresses you, bring it back to your breath. Watch or feel it come into and out of your nostrils.
    • Relax Your Body - Allow yourself to release all tension in your muscles, and all parts of your body . . . around the eyes, jaw, shoulders, neck, stomach, hips, legs. Breathe deeply and slowly.
    • Let Go . . . and be. Don’t control, just go with the flow. Let your mind and body float and welcome the feeling.

    You deserve to relax. Meditate and let go.

    A Thought

    Leave the mind in its natural, undisturbed state. Don't follow thoughts of "This is a problem, that is a problem!" ... In this way, you will stop seeing miserable conditions as problems."

    Lama Zopa Rinpoche, "Transforming Problems Into Happiness"

    DALE V. ATKINS Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist, lecturer and commentator in the media who appears on the Today show.

    She has more than twenty- five years of experience and focuses on living a balanced life, parenting, aging well, managing stress, life & work transitions, family connections and healthy relationships.

    Dr. Atkins is the author and/or co-editor of several books including:

  • Sisters
  • From the Heart:
    Men and Women Write Their Private Thoughts about their Private Lives
  • Families and their Hearing-Impaired Children
  • I'm OK, You're My Parents
    How to Overcome Guilt, Let Go of Anger and Create a Relationship that Works
  • Wedding Sanity Savers
    How to Handle the Stickiest Dilemmas, Scrapes and Questions that Arise on the Road to Your Perfect Day.
  • And her new book . . .

  • Sanity Savers: Tips for Women to Live a Balanced Life
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