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June 2012


In Criticizing Other People's Children, I discuss our role as observers and how our attitudes can enhance or diminish what occurs between a parent and his or her child.

In Raising Children Who Will Be Good Spouses, I ask you to consider the importance of you as a model for raising kind, helpful, open-hearted young people who will be better prepared for their adult relationships.

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    Criticizing Other People's Children
    parent and child

    Have you ever been in places where there are parents and children? Specifically, in an airport or on an airplane, a doctor's waiting room, at a supermarket check-out counter, in a restaurant? Those settings are ripe for children to be tired, feel confused, cranky, scared, frustrated, and sometimes, they pick up on their parents' feelings of anxiety or fatigue. Either way, the children do what most kids do: they fidget, cry, act out. Kids, unlike adults, often do not have the internal resources to help them when they need them most.

    Nobody wants to be the person with the screaming child; it just brings attention and often not the kind you want. Is our goal, as a society, to alienate parents who are doing their best, often under the watchful, scrupulous eye of strangers who know nothing about their circumstance, their life, or their issue of the moment? Why should parents be in a position to feel defensive about their parenting if they have a child who is whining, whimpering or dragging?

    How people can be so rude to and about other people's children is something that defies imagination. Not only does it speak to a societal impatience but also, it goes to the heart of judgment and criticism. It is so easy to criticize another person's style of parenting, especially if you do not have children.

    Instead of shooting eye daggers to a mom who is clearly overwhelmed, or shrugging your shoulders and exhaling loudly in dramatic exasperation, why not try making eye contact and let this parent know you feel for him or her, and if you are so inclined, engage the child, distract him or her, allow the parent to know you have been there or at least notice and feel for their situation. Just a simple smile and a non-judgmental, "you have your hands full. Can I help?" can make someone feel a little less stressed.

    If it takes a village to raise a child, why not become part of that village wherever you are and offer support and understanding? You do not have to agree with the parenting style and unless you see a child being harmed, perhaps you can rise the role of compassionate witness. By appreciating that we are all connected to one another and believing that everyone's children are our children, you may be able to help reduce the stress surrounding this parent and the child.

    Sanity SaversTM
    A Good Daily Habit

    Disconnect To Reconnect

    You may feel you are going crazy from all the noise in your head when actually it's not in your head but all around you. It's your cell phone, office phone, house phone, and computer all buzzing, ringing, or vibrating at the same time.

    Why not shut device off for an hour or so each day? When you do, sit at your desk, or outside on the patio, or in a park and appreciate the silence. You cannot imagine how intrusive all these sounds have become until you allow yourself to experience silence and feel in control of that silence.

    Disconnect to Reconnect. It's a beautiful thing. Try it!

    Sanity SaversTM TIPS

    Tips For Raising Children Who Will Be Good Spouses
    doing chores

    It is important for parents to be conscious of how important it is for them to be a model for their children if they want to raise children who will be good spouses. Treat one another (spouse, kids, in-laws, teachers, neighbors, bus drivers, supermarket checkers, etc.) with kindness, respect, and patience.

    Children who are kind are less likely to bully or be violent. They learn from their parents. Doing acts of kindness benefits the giver as well as the receiver, and in general, people feel valued when their spouses are kind, supportive, and appreciative of them.

    Below I offer a few tips to help parents be mindful of raising children to be good partners.

    Household Chores. - Children want, need, and feel good about having responsibilities. Every member of the family contributes by helping to have the family function well so be sure that everyone contributes! Be sure adults are doing their "fair share" in performing chores that have nothing to do with gender, but everything to do with competence, and that they and not grumbling about their work load. If everyone works together to get the house in order, prepare a meal, sort and wash the clothes, pack for a trip, give yourselves a "treat" with a family outing or a game or something fun. Reinforce the value of helping each other.

    Respect. - Think about ways in your attitude, behavior, and tone to convey respect, caring, support, and patience. Listen to each other's ideas, points of view, encourage dialogue and opinions that are different from your own. Model how to have a respectful conversation when talking with someone you disagree with. Watch your language (verbal and body) raised eyebrows, shrugging, dismissive interactions, eliminate insulting, demeaning, sarcastic, harsh words such as "stupid", "idiot", "dummy", and racist or biased comments. When children use these words, stop them. Tell them that these words hurt others. Help them find other terms to express themselves.

    Expression of Feelings. - Be aware of how you handle feelings and whether you avoid experiencing and or expressing certain feelings you may find uncomfortable. Let children know that having feelings is healthy and we all have them. Learning healthy ways to express feelings is important (for us and for others). When something is clearly wrong, saying "Oh, everything's fine" is unacceptable. Children's "radar" is usually right on and they know when things are NOT "fine". Be honest. Describe clearly, "I have something on my mind and I feel upset (angry, sad, confused, etc.), I need some time to work or think it out." This will serve as a model and help teach them how to do this for themselves.


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    A Thought

    "Don't try to make me grow up before my time."

    Louisa May Alcott

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