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March 2015


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In this month's article, Expressing a Passion, I ask you to think about what are your passions and how you can discover / express them.

In Tips for Talking to Children about Money , I suggest ways to think about how your attitude towards money informs your children's idea of the connection between money and values.

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  • Sanity SaversTM
    Expressing a Passion
  • Sanity SaversTM
    A Good Daily Habit
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    Tips for Talking to Children about Money
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  • Sanity SaversTM
    Expressing a Passion

    A few months ago I received notice that my 50th high school reunion was scheduled for this spring. Although unable to attend the event, I have been "virtually" reunited with many of my classmates with whom I had been out of touch. It's remarkable to reconnect with people that I knew both well and not so well, and to be invited into their Facebook posting aspects of their lives.

    One man (I will always think of him as the boy he was in school) shares the most gorgeous photos which he takes and posts daily. Each posting is accompanied by a heartfelt note of gratitude for the day. I remember him as a kind, sensitive, shy, handsome, creative boy, who also happened to be my 10-yr old heartthrob!

    When he shares the photos he shares his passion. And that is not just to photograph magnificent shorebirds, sunrises, or capturing the break of a gentle wave. It is how his deep appreciation of the moment...the very moment he captures with his camera...comes through; reinforcing the deep gratitude he feels to be alive.

    In addition to the pleasure provided by looking at his pictures, he inspires and motivates others to see the world differently; to really look.

    Research in the fields of happiness and positive aging underscore the importance of finding and engaging a passion in one's life. There are countless ways to feel and express passion. But it is up to each of us to set our mind to doing just that. What is your passion? How can you best engage in and express it?

    Sanity SaversTM
    A Good Daily Habit

    Bring an open and respectful attention to sensations of our bodies.

    Making a daily effort to feel awareness of what is actually going on in the body can help us heal in ways we did not realize were possible. We can direct our attention and notice patterns and rhythms of our breathing, the way we sit, stand, walk, hold our back, our belly, or our pelvis. With kind attention, we can sense the free movement of energy or the contraction and holding that prevents that from happening. Bringing attention to our body can change our whole relationship to our physical life, and we can develop an awareness to ways that we neglect the physical aspects of our lives. When we are aware, we can be more responsive to what our body needs.

    To heal we must become aware of the various layers around and contributors to the discomfort we experience.

    Sanity SaversTM TIPS

    Tips for Talking to Children about Money

    The way we talk about money reflects our basic values. As we become aware of this connection within ourselves we can become more conscious about what we are teaching our children. They listen to what we say and they observe our behavior. Whether you have a lot of money or a little, each of us can help the children in our lives become financially responsible. We can invite them into our decision-making process as we consider purchases and contributions against a backdrop of what "we need" to pay for essentials. When they are engaged, children can become aware of what's involved in making financial choices particularly when differentiating "wants" from "needs. We can give them opportunities to develop a solid work ethic. Kids thrive when they feel a sense of accomplishment from working hard at something and reaping the benefit (instead of having everything given to them). Children can learn a cycle regarding money that goes something like, you earn it, you consider it, you decide what to do with it. Children of any age can become aware and learn how to manage their money (this is where the tooth fairy and grandparents' gifts can be helpful). The best time to begin teaching about money is as soon as they begin to notice it. What kid does not know that money buys stuff?

    There are lots of layers to this as far as teaching and developing a sense of connection goes since so much shopping happens on a mobile device with a click or with a swipe of a plastic card. When this happens, it is tough to recognize what is a true cost and value can get lost in the shuffle. But, children can still become aware of the importance of earning money through work, saving with a plan, spending based on having goals and a budget, and giving to charity. Helping kids learn about money is one of the most important lessons we can teach them. They will need to handle money their whole lives. If their early experiences are positive, they will likely become more "invested" and involved in positive ways. It takes time to develop good habits so give your child a variety of age appropriate opportunities to develop their "financial literacy." Children learn by example so we all need to be sure we are setting a good one.

    Remember these tips:

    Show your kids how you spend money. - Use cash when you can because your child may only be used to seeing you use a credit or debit card or click on line to pay for something. It is more challenging to teach these as a source of money to a young child. And "plastic" doesn't look like money so it can give a child a sense that there is an unlimited amount available.

    Take your child shopping for something. - Discuss beforehand what the budget is so the boundaries of spending are understood and established BEFORE you are at the cashier.

    Talk about why an item is out of reach. - The idea of "simpler living" is only going to be effective if you live by that credo too. It is extremely valuable to teach your child the difference between quantity and quality. This way, they are more likely to appreciate the value of special things.

    Teach your child to save for the things they really want. - By doing so, the item increases in value in their mind, especially if they work to gain the money to buy it "with their own money" or with "matched funds." That particular item may in fact become super special because he or she "worked for it."

    If you believe it yourself, you can teach your child the connection between YOUR values and money.


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    A Thought

    "It's not the perfect but the imperfect that is in need of our love."

    Oscar Wilde

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