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College Kids Coming Home for Vacation
by Dr. Dale V. Atkins, May 2005

It's May and time for college students to return home. Before you panic, remember the major goal is to stay close and not alienate your soon-to-be young adult child.

If you want your college student to come home and be comfortable, acknowledge that a passage has happened. Give them a lot of room. They are spreading their wings and it's a healthy time for exploration.

Here are some other Sanity Savers for you to be aware of upon your child's return:

Establish new criteria hopefully a month before or right upon their return. Find middle ground between "old" rules and "no" rules. Think about paying bills, summer jobs, savings for the fall semester, neatness at home and sexuality issues regarding sleeping arrangements for visiting boy/girlfriends.
Respect their private lives as they should respect yours.
Do NOT roll the clock back. Both you and your returning college student have changed.
See the world through their eyes. Get to know who they are growing into and becoming.
Don't encourage regression. Making a habit of sleeping till 1:00pm is a problem. Kids have to learn to pace themselves.

Trust, let go, kick back, relax and enjoy their visit. Remember this is time limited - at most 10 weeks!

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