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Music Helps You Feel Young Again
by Dr. Dale V. Atkins, November 2006

Sometimes when you feel “old” and unable to begin a task because there are just too many jobs waiting to be done, it is helpful to totally stop and “regroup.” You're overwhelmed and feel stressed which negatively impacts aging. You can break that cycle.

Play music that brings you back to a time when you were “free and easy." That may be “MOTOWN,” “SWING”, “JAZZ” “ROCK AND ROLL”, or “COUNTRY WESTERN.”

Remember, it is not how much stress you have but how you handle it that matters. Letting go of stress is easier if your stress busters are readily available. So keep your iPod nearby and give yourself a few moments to let the music “fill” you. See what happens.

1. Music is Therapy - For many women in particular, hearing those melodies can bring you back to your basic, essential self. Dancing around the living room or kitchen, remembering a favorite dance partner can give you energy. Listening to music can even help with your health by lowering your blood pressure and heart rate, as well as improve your mood. Listen and play to keep yourself “in internal shape.” Let music evoke a time of freedom, ability and joy.

2. Rhythm is Therapy - Sign up for drumming lessons, join a woman's drumming circle, or just buy a drum. Drumming can bring a feeling of relaxation almost immediately.

3. Singing is Therapy - Music does not just have to be in the background. Focus on the sounds, the melodies, the words, and the rhythm. Sing along and feel the spark you felt when you were younger.

Music is ageless.

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