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Midlife Changes for Women's Wellness
by Dr. Dale V. Atkins, January 2007

In this New Year, whether you're in you're 40's and 50's, the midlife years can be the best time of your life. Many more women are living fuller, healthier lives as they age and you can too.

Going through midlife is first about coming to terms with loss and then allowing for new beginnings. You may miss your younger body, and for better or worse, you'll begin to see your mother in the mirror. And, of course, you need magnifying glasses to read the paper and to tweeze your eyebrows.

Instead of fighting the changes, adjust as you transition through yet another stage in your life. Focus on the wisdom you’ve gathered over the years rather than what gravity does to your body. Shift your attention to the world and how you can contribute based on your experience and goodwill. Let go of fears that creep into the crevice of your soul.

1. Grow Older with Grace and Style - Bloom into the woman you are and the woman you will become. Learn from life experiences and chart a course for this new chapter in your life. Consider the things you have longed to do and goals you want to achieve. Now is your time to keep growing.

2. Tap into Your Spiritual Side - Whatever your belief system, know that we all come from a higher source. Take time to quiet your mind and go within. Pray, meditate, walk in nature or journal. Ask yourself if you are living an authentic life. What’s missing and what brings you joy? Get in tune with your soul so you can be comfortable with your life choices.

3. Set Your Own Agenda - Who says you have to do things a certain way? You know how to lead your own life. Is it time to switch careers, write that book, learn a new skill or find your true calling? Listen to your internal voice as you make changes and adjust for the second half of your life.

4. Let Go of the Old, Welcome the New - Have you been holding onto things or people in your life that you should release? Are you being held back in some way? Allow in new experiences by letting go of things that no longer serve you.

Mourning what is no longer there gives you the chance to celebrate what IS there.

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