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Treat Yourself Well As a Single Woman
by Dr. Dale V. Atkins, February 2007

Think of how much more interesting your life will be if you make daily decisions to live it fully.

Whether married or single, it is better to depend on yourself to do what interests you rather than wait for others to invite you to participate in something that may or may not suit you. Sometimes single women feel as if they are 3rd wheels and are uncomfortable being with married friends. And some of their married friends donít ask them to join them for events that are family oriented but fun for all. And letís not even talk about those dinner parties where if you donít have a partner you are excluded completely.

Stop waiting for the phone to ring for the next date, delay plans to buy your own place or look to others to fill up your social calendar. Itís your life to live, so enjoy the independence that many would be envious to have.

1. Donít Wait for "Him" or Anyone Else - If you would like to meet someone, do not put your life on hold while waiting for "a partner" to show up. Become involved in living your life. Plan a fun vacation to an exotic and interesting place. Spend at least part of a holiday with people you enjoy and who value you in their lives.

2. Create Community - Become involved in an organization that you believe in and connect with a network of other people who are dedicated to its mission. Become immersed in doing what you like. Volunteer.

3. Buy Yourself Gifts - If you see a nice necklace, art, something special, and you can afford it, buy it. You deserve it.

Itís up to you to fill your life up so itís a fulfilling life to have.

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