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Patience and Perseverance
by Dr. Dale V. Atkins, December 2007

These are both the watchwords and the lessons.

You are diagnosed with a challenging illness. You are having a difficult time with a relative or someone at work. Your financial situation is really tough and the holidays are here and you want to buy great presents but don't know how without going into debt. You are waiting for your new career to take off and it just hasn't matched your fantasy time table.

Make a plan and then see how you want to see it to fruition, understanding that most plans become altered along the way because that is what happens in life. Things change and we need to adapt.

When something is really important to you, understand that it may not be that important to someone else. That does not mean that YOU are not important so don't take it personally. Sometimes, you must be patient and wait till someone gets around to reading your resume, or your proposal, or returning your phone call. And sometimes, you need to persevere and help yourself get to the top of their list. Some people need to have a little "nudge" from time to time to keep what is important to you on their radar screen. So that is what this is also about: keeping what we know is important in the forefront so other people see why it is important. And then it becomes important to them too.

Whatever you are facing, remember there is always an ebb and flow. Understand this deep in your soul so you can have clarity about when to relax and when to push. It is all about Patience and Perseverance.

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