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Balance Your Relationships
by Dr. Dale V. Atkins, January 2008

Now that the holidays are over and we begin the New Year, it is helpful to reflect back as well as look forward. While this is the customary time for making resolutions, I suggest you resolve, each day, to be more mindful and present in your relationships as you begin this New Year.

Consider what you do and with whom you do it. Think about who is in your life and the reasons they are there in the way they are. Review who is good for you and who is not. Decide which relationships need boundaries, which you can release, and who gets "how much" of you. Seek out people who can be there for you in ways that you need them to be so you will feel supported and heard and accept rather than resent those who, for whatever reason, cannot.

Be aware of whether you are your authentic self when you are with the various people in your life. Whom do you look forward to being with and why? Be with people who respect your values, and limit the time and interactions with people who don't. Accept your own opinions of who you are and should be, rather than accepting other people's opinions of who you should be.

Pay attention to your feelings, attitudes and when you are in "uncomfortable" situations. Determine what you can do about those situations to keep yourself balanced. Notice what your body is telling you. Determine how a change of attitude can help you feel more comfortable at a difficult environment. Rely on your own internal reserve to keep your balance when with people you find challenging.

As we enter the New Year, be fully aware, conscious and present. Each person you know, or meet, will teach you something you need to know about you, the world, and what is important. In so doing, you will have experiences that will open your mind to incredible possibilities.

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