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A Good Daily Habit: Exercising Your Memory
by Dr. Dale V. Atkins, March 2008

Are you finding that you are more forgetful these days, and can't recall things like you used to? Before you jump to conclusions and diagnose yourself with dementia or early Alzheimer's (which may run in your family) fit in a daily mental workout.

Play mentally challenging games like scrabble, bridge, crossword puzzles or Sudoku to exercise your mind. Practice name recognition techniques like pairing someone's name with a physical characteristic, mentally review your shopping list even though you have written it down, mentally "scan" the area of your table at a restaurant while silently noting where you placed your handbag, attache' case, eye glasses, umbrella, jacket, etc., and when you are about to leave, slowly review the "mental scan" and gather up your things.

Whether or not you are predisposed to memory loss, you cannot lose by developing memory-sharpening skills.

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