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Keeping Yourself Healthy During Transitions
by Dr. Dale V. Atkins, September 2009

As we transition from summer to fall, it is helpful to focus on keeping ourselves healthy. Seasonal changes often affect people physically, emotionally, as well as spiritually. Be conscious of your physical, mental, and emotional responses as you shift from your "summer mode" into fall.

Unreasonable expectations (ours or someone else's) can interfere with our taking care of ourselves in ways that we may have discovered benefited us during the summer. Perhaps you discovered that by reserving a few extra moments to lie in bed you were able to consciously consider that which you are grateful for. You may have discovered, this past summer, that you enjoyed a pace that was just slow enough to notice that which usually eludes you during the rest of the year. Or maybe you made an effort to really listen to those people who are important to you. During this summer you may have even turned off your BlackBerry and cell phone during meals, story time, or while watching a movie with the family.

Understand that during any transition you will likely feel different from how you normally feel. Allow yourself to listen to what is going on within. Quiet yourself and just pay attention. Change can contribute to a sense of uneasiness. You may feel anxious or exuberant or any and all feelings along the spectrum. Change and transition are challenges and opportunities. Although you may feel hesitant about what lies ahead, know that you can develop a positive, "can do" attitude which will help you go forward or deal with whatever is on your plate.

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