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Time Of Your Life
by Dr. Dale V. Atkins, April 2010

For every person wishing to change his or her life, every single minute of every day brings a multitude of opportunities, blessings, and affirmations. Change (dramatic, life-altering change) does not have to come from an epiphany, a moment of Biblical proportions, complete with special effects, breakthroughs, or drastic alterations in reality!

Think of the way many people transform themselves and their lives while not only focusing on their goal (the solved problem, the revitalized person, the Eureka! moment of discovery) but also on the seemingly small steps that led to it.

Discover a way of viewing life and its endless opportunities for renewal. What place do schedules, timetables, and "being in control" have in your life? Just consider how many people juggle appointment books, BlackBerries, i-Phones and festoon their walls with agendas and goal-projecting calendars. Many of us are ruled by the relentless rush of time. That's understandable (and sometimes commendable), but we sacrifice an awareness of what time can offer us.

We think we can control time, cram more minutes into each hour, set the agenda, tone, or theme of the day without appreciating the value that comes from having space in our day and in our life. These spaces allow us to see the value in each moment. We can then have a spontaneous interaction or experience which requires that we be fully present.

Most goals have to do with Doing, not Being, and those are about what gets done on the to-do list. Focusing on Being requires a change in perception. We can control our attitude, our perception, and how we use our time. There are days we may consider "unproductive" because we don't accomplish every item on our "to-do" list. But on those days, we need to commend ourselves for that which we do accomplish, much of which is not even on the list. Our days can be full of things realized, things learned, things accomplished that there isn't a calendar on Earth to register them all.

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