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The Devil Made Me Do It! Really? Practicing Patience
by Dr. Dale V. Atkins, November 2013

Patience is an attribute most of us admire in others and wish we had more of. Every day there are countless opportunities to practice patience. Whether we are driving, waiting in line, or are served by someone who moves or reacts slower than we would like, we have a choice whether or not we practice patience.

We, alone, are responsible for our choice. Yes, regardless of our situation, that means our response is up to us. If we are rushing and someone takes their time, and we are rushed, our verbal AND our non-verbal language indicates not only how we feel inside, but also, how we feel about the other person.

Of course, there are many situations where we feel our patience is tested. But how we react, if we roll our eyes, exhale in audible frustration, raise our voice, or spew an insult, is a reflection of who WE are, NOT who the other person is. WE are each responsible for our own behavior.

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