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Expressing a Passion
by Dr. Dale V. Atkins, March 2015

A few months ago I received notice that my 50th high school reunion was scheduled for this spring. Although unable to attend the event, I have been "virtually" reunited with many of my classmates with whom I had been out of touch. It's remarkable to reconnect with people that I knew both well and not so well, and to be invited into their Facebook posting aspects of their lives.

One man (I will always think of him as the boy he was in school) shares the most gorgeous photos which he takes and posts daily. Each posting is accompanied by a heartfelt note of gratitude for the day. I remember him as a kind, sensitive, shy, handsome, creative boy, who also happened to be my 10-yr old heartthrob!

When he shares the photos he shares his passion. And that is not just to photograph magnificent shorebirds, sunrises, or capturing the break of a gentle wave. It is how his deep appreciation of the moment...the very moment he captures with his camera...comes through; reinforcing the deep gratitude he feels to be alive.

In addition to the pleasure provided by looking at his pictures, he inspires and motivates others to see the world differently; to really look.

Research in the fields of happiness and positive aging underscore the importance of finding and engaging a passion in one's life. There are countless ways to feel and express passion. But it is up to each of us to set our mind to doing just that. What is your passion? How can you best engage in and express it?

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