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Thinking About Mothers
by Dr. Dale V. Atkins, May 2015

As Mother's Day approaches, it may be helpful to spend a moment and think about your mother, whether or not she is alive; whether or not you are in touch.

Here are a few questions that I originally included in I'm OK, You're My Parents, 10 years ago. I suggest you find a quiet place where you won't be interrupted, shut down your electronic devices, and then, as you clear your head, take a few deep breaths:

How would you describe your mother? Physically, emotionally, socially?

What are the characteristics you admire about her?

Which aspects of your mother's personality or behavior do you want to emulate?

Which aspects of your mother's personality or behavior do you wish you could change?

Why do these attributes or behaviors bother you?

What are situations where you have felt embarrassed by your mother?

What are situations where you have felt proud of her?

In what ways do you admire your mother?

In what ways is your relationship with your mother fulfilling (or satisfactory)?

What would you like to say or write to your mother?

What would you like your mother to know (appreciate, accept, understand) about you and / or your life (choices)?

Select specific situations in which you have witnessed your mother's behavior which you find disturbing or troublesome. Why do you believe she behaves the way she does? In your opinion, what factors contribute to her behavior?

How are you like your mother?

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