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From The Heart
Men and Women Write Their Private Thoughts About Their Married Lives
Co-Editors Dale Atkins, Meris Powell, 1994
Published by Henry Holt & Co.
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Read from the inside book cover: "When someone loves you, it gives you a lot of power over him (or her). If you love him back, you choose not to exercise that power. That has been the cornerstone of our marriage."

From the Heart - a collection of extra-ordinary personal letters written expecially for the book - offers a unique and unusually perceptive view of marriage and what it means to share a life with someone. In it pseudonymous men and women reveal their most intimate thoughts and experiences. Most are currently married (some for more that fifty years), others are divorced and remarried, a few divorced and single. All speak to commitment and what it means, how it is nourished and how it is challenged, and which changes in people or circumstances have the potential to strengthen or destroy a marriage.

A father writes to his recently married daughter that a successful marriage is a function of moderating selfish impluses; a woman married for many years writes of the "breathing space" she and her husband give each other to sustain their marriage; a woman writes that she feels safe enough "to give in and let go of being right." Through these articulate letters from true experts on marriage, readers will discover new ways to assess their own relationships and gain new insights into just what the institution of marriage is all about.

Dale Atkins and Meris Powell, who conceived the idea for this book and compiled and edited the letters, met in graduate school as single women. Both are now married, have children, and say that marriage has not only changed their lives for the better, but has changed them as individuals. Atkins, a psychologist, lives in Westport, Connecticut, and Powell, a writer, lives in New York City.

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