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Wedding Sanity Savers
How to Handle the Stickiest Dilemmas, Scrapes, and Questions that Arise on the Road to Your Perfect Day
by Dr. Dale Atkins and Annie Gilbar, 2005
Published by Broadway Books, a division of Random House
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In their careers at, Dr. Dale Atkins and Annie Gilbar have seen it all: the prenuptial meltdowns, bridal party fiascoes, financial woes made worse by an out-of-control catering budget. Now they share their valuable expertise in a book that goes beyond the mundane checklists of traditional wedding planners. Addressing the psychological road bumps that go with tying the knot, Wedding Sanity Savers shares questions and answers from Dr. Dale's unique online advice column and gets at the heart of what couples can do to ensure smooth sailing throughout the process.

Full of helpful strategies presented in a handy Q&A format, Wedding Sanity Savers covers the emotional hurdles of getting hitched, including what to do about domineering in-laws, feuding parents, the alcoholic relative who embarrasses herself at every family gathering, merging religions and cultures, body image, money squabbles, and dozens of other sources of strife.

A rescue manual like no other, Wedding Sanity Savers turns jitters into smiles of relief.

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