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A Practical, Helpful Exploration of the Intimate and Complete Bond between Female Siblings
Dale V. Atkins, 1984
Published by Arbor House
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Read from the inside book cover: "Sometimes I say things to my sister that make me sound so critical and I often think, Does she know that I really love her?"

Sisters is an in-depth study that offers preceptive new insights into one of the most complex and enriching of life's relationships. Drawing upon her conversations with women in the seminars she conducts nationwide, Dr. Atkins gives practical advice on how to improve the bond between sisters. With special sensitivity to the family dynamics which shape the relationship between sisters, Dr. Atkins examines the role of competition betweens sisters, their effect on each other's sexuality, and why so many sisters have difficulty building and maintaining intimacy.

In addition, Sisters offers explicit, down-to-earth advice on such vital but often ignored issues as how to introduce a spouse into the sister relationship.

Frank and caring, Dr. Atkins - herself a sister - delivers a special perspective on the many ways sisters can improve their relationship, and underscores it convincingly with an abiding belief that the ability to maintain a healthy relationship with one's sister often determines one's ability to do the same with others.

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